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March 4, 2012
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Kyran Voleros Saga Update by Mishii-C Kyran Voleros Saga Update by Mishii-C
God looks like all I can draw it Kyran recently OTL
Oh and colouring his red-ness is eyerape :iconcryforeverplz:

I've been meaning to redraw this guy foooreeeeveeeer e Ae
New app for new hair and better quality woo~ //fistpumps

If you ever want to rp with him, feel free to comment or note me and we can organise something~ o wo )b

This app is fooor~ :iconvoleros-saga:

..//Name// Kyran
..//Age// 20
..//Height// 5’7”
..//Gender// Dude
..//Species// Hell hound

..//Job// Artisan – Despite his rough life, filled with quite a lot of violence... he dislikes the scars it’s left him with. He keeps his guns close still but they’re specifically just for self defence these days. Now he enjoys playing melodies on the piano, his favourite instrument when he was a small puppy. Ask him for a tune and he’d happily play one for you. Not wanting to boast, but he really is quite good too.

..//Talents// Expert aim: Thanks to his expertise with guns, his hand eye co-ordination and aim is rather high quality.
Piano playing: Whenever he could get his hands on one, he’d try to play the piano. Thanks to about 10 years of on off playing, he’s learnt quite a lot.
Agile runner: He’s always been running, from early ages to escape being caught by his parents when he was a child to when he hit his teen years and had to run from potential danger. Thanks to this he’s got very, very fast and strong legs.

..//Personality// Kyran is a hot headed and pretty loud boy. He gets ‘angry’ with people easily whenthey do something stupid, more so stupid as in endangering their lives so he’s a bit of a fathering figure. He’s loud at times and his language is not polite, using slang and rude words quite often in speech... normally around people he doesn’t like though. He’s had a life full of hardships so he doesn’t really know how to be sympathetic because he’s been there and done that. His rough language isn’t a way to scare others off though, he just struggles to communicate with people in any other form, he was brought up to stand up from himself when he hit his teen years and hasn’t been able to shake the ability off... as much as he wants to. On the inside he really does care about people and he loves to lend a helping hand, he just can’t seem to express how he feels really...and he does not want to be seen as a mushy, weak little kid... he already hates how he isn’t too tall. When it comes to feelings past friendship, he prefers not to get himself involved because he’s a clueless idiot he doesn’t care about ‘useless’ emotions. All in all you could say he’s got a rough outer shell but on the inside, he really is just a lost little puppy.

..//History// Kyran started off with a happy child hood, two loving parents and a stable household. He’d play with the other pups and kids in Alora and get along well. He was adventurous, dragging his willing or not so willing friends wherever he found interesting. He enjoyed this carefree lifestyle till he was 13.
Kyran’s father was in a mass of debt, worried for his family he finally revealed the truth to his wife so they could flee Alora as soon as possible. Kyran still only just hitting his teenage years didn’t quite grasp the idea and the thought of leaving his homeland was threatening, he fought with his family until his father mentioned the chance of losing his life, the people he’d borrowed from weren’t the most forgiving bunch for lent out money. So giving in, they planned for their escape. That very night they were scrambling to leave, most likely for Lumeria, the ‘gang’ caught up to the family of three and took out Kyran’s parents. His mother sacrificing herself to be a distraction to let her son run free, and he did... with those small legs of his as fast as he could. The people who’d devastated his world took everything.
Now a lone pup, all Kyran could do was fend for himself the best he could. He had money... pocket change really and no one was willing to hire a kid as young as him so he resulted to ‘stealing’ simple items. He hated doing it and when he got caught he was always leaving with a few bruises. He’d gotten into a few brawls just to get his hand on some prize money from matches. He had to get used to this life style, and he did. He lived like this for 5 years...
At the ripe age of 18, the boy had made quiet the living for himself, sure he’d have to fight for it after becoming pretty much a full fledge street fighter but he was strong now, fast, swift and strong... his intelligence lacked but that wasn’t too important to him anyway. Also managing to buy his 2 beauties, his duel guns he was satisfied with his strength to even bother. He still had an education of course, he’d met a few people down his road and had been taught quite a bit, just not everything He’d also been reading up on piano skills as well and sometimes could even perform for some change there as well. Roaming the area he normally hung around he ran into a group of men, a group of violent looking men... men that he’d fought before... but one on and one... without weapons... His hands instantly slid to his holster, grabbing at the handles of his handguns only to have two others come up from behind, securing his limbs, pushing him down and the torture commenced. He was beaten and cut, all the money on him stolen and his once somewhat clear skin was scared.
Seeing as what his street fights had done to him, Kyran now simply avoids violence as a job but only sees it as a last resort for defence. These days he’s perfecting his piano skills and has been fluently playing it for 2 years instead of just on and off practice. He’s going for an honest living now and hopes to finally shape up his crooked, roughened up life.

..//Additional Info//
x He loves it when people scratch behind his ears... He never shows it though
x He doesn’t know what a relationship beyond friendship is... ask him about love and he’ll give you a blank stare... = A=;;
x Hates the cold, he absolutely hates the cold
x He hates his scars and covers them up with whatever he can
x He... dislikes his small feet
x Despite his slim build, he’s actually got a lot of body strength
x He hates how young he looks... and his rough/delinquent appearance.
x He never actually really gets angry at anyone, he just doesn’t know how to express his feelings at times.
x His guns are his babies... 8I
x Enjoys singing in his spare time In case you want to know what he sounds like...Pffft of course you don’t 8I this is it - [link]
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