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April 8, 2013
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Darren Candela ||ZERO--00|| by Mishii-C Darren Candela ||ZERO--00|| by Mishii-C


Name //- Darren Candela
D.O.B //- 8th of October
Age //- 25
Gender //- Male
Height //- 5’10 / 178cm
ID //- 636

Occupation //- Psychologist, experience worker, 3 years remaining before becoming fully qualified
Zone //- Zone 1

Demonic Weapon //-
P a r a s i t i c
Demonic Weapon //-P a r a s i t i c-- ESP Testing Cards -- Two decks strapped to his belt, thread together which morph into a weapon according to the card in hand. (One deck required to produce a form)

Form 1 || Strung Deck -- The basic form of his weapon, unmanipulated and works best for securing to places and used for climbing around or perhaps securing someone in place for easier prey or for a hostage situation. Also can be used as a whip, swung around and lashing at enemies but the moment he extends it too far and needs to attack a target closer by, time is required to draw the cards back in. The chain of cards can also be broken resulting in the released end of the weapon to disperse into card form to which Darren must then manually collect.  The cards' edges are like small blades, able to cut through and grip at things to assist with damage and / or pinning. | cards required in hand, Circle and Wave |

Form 2 || Scythe -- The form to which Darren uses most often but requires more energy to maintain. It’s for single strikes in battles or when he’s thrown to the frontlines, reaping lives with a precise swing of the large weapon. | Cards required in hand, Cross and Square |

Personality //-

Summary | | Perfection at its finest, that is what Darren would refer to himself as if it didn’t give off the impression of accomplishment of idealism within himself. He strives to impress, a man who keeps a strict leash on personality while attempting to sway all those he meets into his favor. Controlling, it’s something that he requires, to be the most dominant in any situation. The master puppeteer as he ropes those in to holding a performance, luring others to his ready grasp with a bright smile and polite persona. The only reason he’s capable of such without a qualm or hint of remorse is due to the fact he’s completely incapable of relating to any sort of emotion besides those which tie in with anger or self-worth. On the subject of anger, it’s not necessarily easy to rile Darren up but when you do he isn’t exactly the most understanding or calm man you could come across. No, he’s relentless and will not restrain from physical outbursts, preferably against your frame. Though, there’s one thing that the man disallows to become public knowledge and that would be his compulsive nature. There is no love, only fixated desires, inexorable yearning to possess those who capture his attention.

Broken up / Key words | |

Charismatic – He exudes the aura of a man with pleasant characteristics, which of course is all a complete facade. Despite the whole quality being of deceitful nature, this does not change how easily Darren is able to sway those with sweet, gentle tone. Clean outer exterior with sharp looks also used to advantage, don’t be surprised if you see him compulsively fixing his shirt at a consistent rate.

Narcissist - A part of his perfection, to which he upholds appearance for the sake of seeming closer to infallible. His obsession for his looks borders almost monomaniacal and would not hesitate to retaliate if not trying to make a proper impression and is insulted. If dirtied or defiled in any way, there will be no resistance in ruining your attire or face back.

Apathetic - Something to which he found himself unable to grab a hold of ever since he was young. Emotions. He has them, yes, but they’re restrained to pride and anger. Joy is also felt but is normally short lived. Darren is simply just unable to relate. Remorse is something he has no connection to, lack of morals prominent. He understands the difference between right and wrong but the fact he’s placed himself on a pillar leaves him to simply ignore the boundaries of law and acting according to his own urges.

Manipulative - To the point where if he sees a personal benefit within someone he will more than happily exploit it. Sweet words, tender actions, whatever it requires, he will not hesitate in making that character trust him so he earns the upper hand. Normally a bystander, he allows others to do the work but if required will step up to the front line. He simply prefers specialists in all areas taking care of specific jobs is all.

Aggressive - The control on his temper is something he is able to sustain for a decent amount of time but if pushed too far Darren will slip. If you manage to anger him to the extent where sharp words no longer seem like enough, I suggest you run because he is not a merciful man. Irritation shall be drawn out with actions, no fear of drawing blood if he really is that annoyed. No matter how much you plead, beg or apologise he will remain relentless until satisfied.

Obsessive - A part of Darren to which he despises to the core but is unable to prevent. It’s rare, extremely so but the term of ‘infatuation’ suits well with the man. Compassion, care, love, all foreign to him for his feelings never pass obsession. If an object catches his attention it shall be displayed and never touched again. If someone happens to earn the same sort of ‘affection’ then his instant need to possess is provoked. Though, that isn’t something to which he wants to act on, no no. His hands will defile the perfection to which the owner of his center of mind holds with his usual trickery. But he’ll feel urges to keep that person off limits, remove the impurities of the world around them so honestly he’d rather have that character’s life end. Then he can possess them without ruining the beauty to which they held at the moment Darren had found himself ‘fallen for them’.

History //-

Summary | | Darren was brought into a lovely family but from early ages had shown instability with his mental health. No one was able to pick up on this due to his ability to hide the obscure and vile actions to which he objectified small animals to. His sister noticed but failed at persuading parents. Both siblings entering the psychological field, Darren used knowledge for his own amusement while making sure it appeared his sister was the psychotic one. Multiple confrontations by the older sister, no merit earned until things started to look bleak and she pleaded for her brother to confess.Laughter followed after rejection, a revolver removed, killing taken place, the man driving blood relative to suicide but he himself pulling the trigger. The scene was taken as the woman removing herself from the world to prevent facing actions, remaining sibling moving past the incident, looking for a new play toy, not necessarily concerned about the device in hand or zeros in eyes.

The wall that Mishi failed at cutting back at | |

A boy born into the surroundings of a psychologist based family, Mother, Father and elder sister. Life was serene, ideal living set up for the already well off boy. Family was close with their relatives, Italian and American mix, all extremely settled nearby and atmosphere bright between relatives. It was pretty much the image of perfection, relations so warm it was a wonderful environment to raise one’s children.

Darren showed signs of a knowledgeable child from early stages, mature for his age and always smiling magnificently. His elder sister was also quite well praised, both seemingly ready to follow in parental footsteps and showing interest in the psychological field. Well that was the outer appearance of course.
Young boy exuded characteristics to which a boy would normally not find completely humane. He hid this well of course but his sister had managed to catch him prodding at a small sparrow that’d somehow hurt its wing. The young boy was tormenting the little creature, inquisitive look on his features before turning vision towards his sister, smiling brilliantly at her. Dread filled features, girl taking instant flight to inform parents to which they found hard to believe. The day was brushed off as Darren returned, bubbly as ever.

Hitting sixteen, his parents bought a blood red corn snake for boy’s birthday, maturing adolescent gleaming at the new pet before instantly calling her ‘Delilah’. He was instantly caught up in duties involved with caring for the girl, finding it amusing dangling the snakes ‘food’ above the assigned tank for the pet. This turned into the boy running about and catching mice, educated about the use of the animals in field of experimentation and earned kicks from ‘studying’. One of the first ones would be adding something to the mouse’s environment, making the creature dependant and then removing it from it’s presence. Family didn’t happen to catch onto the actions considering the only time the animal was brought into public was when Delilah required being fed.

High school was a breeze and the young man managed to push through without issue, name of his successful parents behind him easily earning a course in psychological field. His sister had already reached the end of her course, six years senior of her brother and under the wing of her mother in preparation to earn full certificate, taking on practice work.

Finishing with the initial preparations of study, Darren earned qualifications for experience work, following his father as sister finally managed to earn certificate and work to her own accord. This is where things started to get a little... unstable.

Darren got curious, he’d never been able to fully interact with a human and mice were things of the past, his teenage self’s obsession. It started with simple little tests, a few teases, moments of manipulation as he found himself enjoying peoples’ reactions to the sudden twist of being stabbed in the back emotionally. The young man of twenty-two holding no remorse with his actions.

It was bothering her, older sister holding a duty to which she needed to accomplish. A confrontation with her younger sibling, declaration of the other’s tendencies and mental status, diagnosing obvious sociopathy, psychopathy so damned clear and the only reason Darren was escaping the concern of parents was because he was perfect at hiding it. Only reason to which she hadn't confronted this behaviour was due to the fact in younger years he seemed to have controlled urges, nothing dramatic. But now time was dire, she needed to get to her brother through a way that didn't have him losing his complete identity. The younger of the two could only laugh, shaking his head. No, there was no way he could be associated with his to be patients. He wasn’t mentally ill, everyone was simply a bore see? He merely climbed higher, earning more knowledge and abandoned unnecessary attachments, humanistic emotions being a part of that. Somewhere in his heart though he was aware of his condition... he just, he refused to accept that completely.

Things became bad as years slipped on by, word spreading of the Candela name not being the most honest of families, experimentation on humans discrete and backway. Solid proof wasn’t given but rumours spread, associates of the family appearing less out of character, much more drained compared to their original persona's without proper explanation as to why. The main culprit uncertain but the tales of the mastermind behind cruel actions having isolating people, inserting unsafe stimulus and judging reactions caused due to the additions. Of course, the villain's sister had to act again.

Continuous confrontation which earned no merit, the younger of the pair laughing, ridiculing, boasting about his results to his sister. It was hilarious, seeing her face contort to disgust, disappointment but most prominent, fear. His own sister feared him, Darren was ecstatic! She was the main experiment after all, the young man wanting to document how far he could push family bond, how far this blood related love could be pushed. Despite all the pressure and stress inflicted on her, Darren’s sister didn’t reveal a thing, determined to save her brother... if only she’d tried harder when he was younger... She just needed to sit him down, give him proper treatment, she'd be able to perscribe medication soon as well! She'd be able to still right the problems to which she ignored in the past!

His sister’s mental stability started wavering, people starting to assume the once rising psychiatrist in training, daughter of established medical family had been performing dreadful experimentation as she drew further into her shell. Darren was twenty-four at this point, grin plastered on his face as he watched from the sidelines while she tried to persuade parents into the correct tale to which she wasn’t the main cause of the horrid actions and labels being placed against the family’s name. Finally Darren’s name slipped out but due to how shaken she was, parents concluded that she was pushing blame, attempting to save herself, warning her the moment evidence was found she was getting treatment without a single moment of reconsideration. They assumed her to hold psychopathic tendencies to which she hid with these dramatic outbursts as desires for attention... The true monster could only laugh silently to himself before tending to his darling pet, the large rodent of a sister reaching the end of her string.

Final confrontation, sister pleading to her younger sibling to explain, confess, find any remains of morality in his being... she was his sister for christ’s sake! But Darren could only laugh, shaking his head as he paced the area of his sibling’s office. Smile tugging at lips, crooked, menacing, watching as the woman crumbled beneath his feet. Oh how hilarity was insured as she tried to remain firm despite the desperation exposed through the small glint of water forming over eyes! The young man merely pulled gloves from a front pocket of his pants followed by a revolver which he’d left in his sister’s office on a previous visit. A whisper of her name, ‘Michelle’, green closing in on green as he pulled closer, tapping loaded gun against palm as her gaze fixated on the weapon.

A silently mouthed ‘what?’, tears falling at this point as younger moving up behind the woman, brother standing behind as he let his hushed voice work it’s persuasion to the climax of this tale. “Do you have any other choice?” He was right, she was cornered... her life was over either way. She was far too distraught... to be thinking rationally at this point... Who would believe the broken woman over the ‘stable’ younger brother anyway? Hand which held the small gun took hold of his sister’s raising the weapon to the side of her skull. A choked ‘why?’ escaped, brother’s response being a mere ‘because it’s fun’.

Click’, hand over hand, gloved index finger covering a bare one, eyes closing as tears fell freely.

“Goodbye, Sis.”

Bang’, finger pushed against the other, echo of the bullet pulsing through the man’s form, body ahead falling... hitting floor, lifeless, arms splaying slightly, red pooling at crown. How inelegant, the man looked away.

Drop, the gun accompanied the body which had preceded it, Darren leaving building, straight faced, gloves removed after exit and burned shortly afterward. It didn’t take too long before parents had realised Michelle’s absence, heading over to their daughter’s office and gagging at the sight before them. The blame of shaded actions in the Candela family had been taken by eldest child. Unable to repent for actions as she’d claimed her own life, their reputation was never the same but that never did bother the young man, not many knew about the instances since no one had particularly died besides the main ‘perpetrator’. His misdeeds had ended here as well, giving off the impression of the eldest daughter of the family was indeed the cause for the issues going around behind the family's name, Darren content with the findings of experiment, conclusion being 'his sister was willing to die for him'. Amusing.

Hitting twenty-five, Darren was perplexed at the receival of a device, zeros in eyes, unable to pinpoint his admission to whatever he’d just gotten thrown into. He simply stuck to shining his magnificent smile towards anyone and everyone, curious to see who could fulfill needs as his next experiment.

Likes & Dislikes //-
+ Snakes / most reptiles
+ His looks
+ Musicians
+ Red
+ Suits / Sharp, tight attire
- Dirt (on him)
- Disorganisation
- Mutes
- Useless people
- His obsessive nature

Etc //-

- Delilah is his Bloodred Corn Snake, only thing he really ‘cares’ for without obsessing. Only ‘woman’ worth spending time on. [link]
- Hair is naturally bright blonde but the underlayer is dyed black. Always maintained and coloured to perfection.
-Half Italian half American.
- ESP testing cards have always been amusing for him because most people don’t notice the subtle marking differences on different cards. Enjoys seeing how people respond to him appearing ‘psychic’. Also uses it to assess how gullible you are. Always tends to have a deck on him.
- Has a tendency to refer to people as ‘mice’ or something along the lines in a tone hinting endearment but true meaning behind it would be he simply just sees everyone as a potential ‘experiment’. If you irritate him though, he might hiss ‘rodent’ in your direction.
- Hates untidy or unkempt surroundings.
- Used to hate getting his hands ‘dirty’ but recently it’s becoming a habit of his to take care of his own business, smiling pleasantly throughout the whole process.
- Morality is something that does not exist in his vocabulary. He does what he wants, when he wants to.
- And when mentioning no moral I mean no moral. He has no issues with attacking a small child, he just doesn’t do so because society’s standards need to be upheld.
- Sullying him is like asking to be psychologically toyed with and mentally humiliated.
- Enjoys tripping, stepping on and shoving peoples’ faces into dirt or anything else unclean. Belittling others is a guilty pleasure of his, only acted out behind closed doors or discrete corners.
- Might spare you his ‘dark’ treatment if you play him a song or sing for him. Has an odd attraction towards music, loving the talent but not the performer.
- Permanent crooked smile plastered on his face as he fights, also shows that smile when you realise he’s screwing around with you psychologically.
- And yes, he is a sociopath and knows he is but refuses to accept it.

Device ||
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